Visual voicemail allows you to listen to your messages on your phone without having to dial your voicemail and listen to the prompts.

To request to have this feature set up on your account, please contact Mynmax for activation.  This is a free service.

Setting up Visual Voicemail - Iphone

Once this has been activated by Mynmax, follow these steps:

1. Tap the phone app.
2. Tap Voicemail > set up now
3. Enter a voicemail password and tap done.  Enter the same password to confirm it, then tap done.
4. If you prefer to use the default voicemail greeting, select default.  If you wish to record your own greeting, select custom and follow the remaining steps below.
5. Tap record and say your greeting.  When you finish, tap done.
6. To listen to your greeting, tap play
7. When you are satisfied with your custom greeting, tap save.