Although one of the benefits of being on a corporate plan is the discounted rates, we do caution our customers to watch their data, as this is something that is not monitored on a corporate plan.  We highly recommend installing the mydatamanager app on each of your devices.  This is available on both Android and Apple devices.  What the app is meant to do, is monitor data usage over a given period of time, and provide notifications when you are almost at your limit.  Our mobility cycle is from the 14th of the previous month to the 13th of the current month.  When setting this on your mydatamanager app, please put 13th on when your plan starts on the "my plans" page.We will also refer to this app if there are disputes with your data usage moving forward.

Another good tip I can provide, is turning off the wifi assist feature.  Wifi assist is a feature used on apple phones that promises a high quality stream of data which uses dependable phone data compared to a strong wifi connection.  

This feature is turned on by default on the iphone, and most people are not aware that this is running in the background. 

This feature will use data even if you are in a wifi zone, and your phone is on wifi mode.

To avoid any surprise charges on your account, please turn this feature off on your iphone device.

Due to the amount of data we have discovered that this uses on your device, please turn this feature off to avoid any surprise charges from appearing.