Although one of the benefits of being on a corporate plan is the discounted rates, we do caution our customers to watch their data, as this is something that is not monitored on a corporate plan.  We highly recommend installing the "My Data Manager" app on each of your devices.  This is available on both Android and Apple devices.  What the app is meant to do, is monitor data usage over a given period of time, and provide notifications when you are almost at your limit.  Our mobility cycle is from the 14th of the previous month to the 13th of the current month.  When configuring the My Data Manager app, please set the 14th to be your plan start date. If you are experiencing a data-overage situation we may ask for a copy of your data usage summary from this app to compare against what the carrier is reporting.

Another important precaution is turning off the Wi-Fi assist feature on Apple devices. This feature is intended to supplement a weak WiFi signal by turning on cellular data without notifying you. This means you could potentially be consuming cellular data even while at home, if your device thinks your Wi-Fi signal is too weak. Go to SETTINGS > CELLULAR to turn this feature off.