Option: Remaining with Telus

What is required for me to remain with Telus?

You will need to sign a contract directly with Telus. If you indicate that you want to remain, we will provide you with the required contract documentation to review. (note: we still have not yet been provided with the proposed contracts by Telus yet, so there may be some delay on this).

Will I continue to receive bonus data from the MegaPool?

No, you would be subscribing directly to Telus and will not be a part of any group pool.

What rate would I be paying for data overage?

All indications point to the data overage rate being increased to at least $50/GB. This is important for you to know because remaining with Telus means you will lose access to the Mynmax Data MegaPool and no longer receive +3GB bonus data per line.

Option: Porting to Rogers

Will it cost me anything?

No. We have arranged for all SIM + Activation fees to be waived for this transfer.

I have purchased a subsidized device from Telus and I have a device balance. What are my options?

You will have the option to transfer your device balance to Rogers. We will do the necessary behind-the-scenes administration to achieve that. The intention would be to keep you at the same rate as you were paying before.

I have a device on contract; How will this affect my contract length?

In moving the device balance over to Rogers, we are effectively buying out your Telus device balance with credits generated on the Rogers side. In some cases where the device balance is quite large, or for newly purchased devices, your contract end date might be pushed back ever so slightly in order to make it work. This should only affect a small number of subscribers; we will be informing those who this affects.

What if Rogers network coverage isn't adequate in my area?

Every carrier has areas of strength and weakness in their coverage. It is important to differentiate between percieved network weakness, and actual network weakness. What you hear from another's experience may not be applicable to you as coverage will vary from specific region to region. Unless you have personally experienced poor reception in your area with Rogers, we would recommend you give it a try. We can send you an active SIM card with a temporary phone number for you to test reception for up to 10 days.