Yes you can! Keeping your number when you move from one phone service provider to another is called “porting” and it’s an easy process. Both mobile numbers and landlines can be ported. 

How do I transfer (port) my number?

Do not cancel your existing service. Instead, you will port your number online when you’re activating a new service.

To make the request, you will need to have the following information about the account with your current provider (we suggest using a bill from them): 

  • 1. Your phone number
  • 2. Account number
  • 3. Name of the account holder
  • 4. Billing address
IMPORTANT: DO NOT cancel your current phone number – we will take care of that for you when we transfer your number.

What happens next?

For the most part, it will take 1-3 hours to transfer a mobile number or 3-5 business days to transfer a landline number from your current provider. As soon the number transfer is complete, we will send you a text message to confirm. We will also call you if there’s a problem with transferring your number. 

One thing to keep in mind is that your current number must have an area code that is available within areas that we service. One of our representatives can help you to determine this if you’re not sure. 


Although it's generally an easy process to port your number, there are a few factors that might prevent it. For example, if you've already disconnected your service with your previous provider, then that number won't be yours to take with you anymore. Also, phone numbers cannot port over from one area code to another.