Unlocking your device

When you buy a device from Bell Mobility, it is programmed and locked to the Bell mobile network. This protects the device from being accidentally reprogrammed or important network functions from being changed. If you meet the criteria (described below) and Bell unlocks the device at your request, your device manufacturer will continue to honour the warranty it provides.


For Bell to process your unlocking request, each of the device and account eligibility requirements set out below must be met:

  • You must be or have been a  Bell customer.
  • The device must be locked to Bell’s mobile network.
  • The device can not be reported as lost of stolen 
  • The device must be HSPA or LTE compatible.
  • Subsidized devices must have been activated with service for at least 90 days. Devices that have been purchased outright, or that no longer have remaining subsidies or discounts can be unlocked at any time, provided the other eligibility conditions are met.
  • Prepaid devices can be unlocked at anytime provided there is a prepaid balance from which to deduct the unlocking fee.
  • Your account must not be past due.
  • If your account has been cancelled, you must not have an account balance, with any pending charges billed and paid.


Bell will charge you a one-time fee by credit card and the transaction will appear on your Bell Mobility or One Bill account.

The fees to unlock a device are as follows:

  • Base fee: $50 + applicable taxes.
  • Devices under contract and subject to credit conditions such as a credit limit or credit deposit: $150 + applicable taxes.
  • Former Bell customers: $75 + applicable taxes


Corporate account customers call 1-877-543-2064

Consumer account customers can either login to MyBell to complete the unlock online or call 1-877-543-2064