You’ve received your mobility bill and noticed something called “partial charges.” But what does that mean?

To help decode partial charges and prorated usage, let’s start with the billing basics.

What’s my billing period?

Your billing period runs for one month and ends on your “Invoice Date.” Your invoice date is noted at the top of your bill. For example, if your invoice date is the twelfth of every month, day one of your billing period is the thirteenth of each month and runs through the twelfth of the next month.

How are my services billed?

The monthly service fees for most plans are billed in advance for the following month. Usage charges are billed as they’re incurred during your billing period.

OK, so what are partial charges?

You could see partial charges on your bill if you’ve activated a new service with a new carrier or if you’ve made changes to your current services mid-way through your billing period. These partial charges cover your service fees for the period between the activation date of your new service and your invoice date. The minutes, wireless internet or text message amounts included in your service plan will also be prorated.

What’s my activation date?

Your activation date is the day your service is connected to the new carrier network. Your activation date isn’t usually the same as the first day of your billing period.

How are partial charges and prorated services calculated?

Billing begins the moment your service is activated. Your partial charges are calculated based on the number of days between your activation date and your invoice date. For example, if your billing period begins on the thirteenth and your activation date is the fifth, you would see partial charges for the eight days of service between your activation and invoice date.

So, if your plan’s monthly service fee is $30 and the upcoming month has 30 days, you’re charged $1 per day. With eight days between your activation and invoice dates, your partial charges are $8. With this example, your first Rogers bill (before applicable taxes and any usage charges you incur) will be $38 – your regular $30 monthly service fee plus $8 in partial charges.

Services such as voice minutes, wireless internet and text messages will also be prorated. Using the same example, if your wireless plan includes 150 minutes monthly, you would have 40 minutes to use for those eight days of service before your next billing period begins.